Portfolios <3

I have researched Reggio portfolio formats until I was cross eyed. I wanted mine to be set up a certain way to where the kids could look at them and see the work they had done, I wanted the parents to be able to look at them and see the children’s progress and I wanted someone just visiting my room to be able to look at them and see how much my kids have learned and what they are capable of.

That’s a lot to ask of a little binder filled with paper.

First, we decided we wanted each child to have a 1 inch binder for their portfolio. We figured that would be big enough to hold each student’s selected works for the year. We also chose to have their work put in page protectors, that way the kids would be able to look at it without tearing them up.
After we got our binders we each decided on our own covers. I went with a typed page with the child’s name on it ( ____’s Portfolio) and a picture I had taken of them engaged in an activity. Here’s an example:


I have the portfolios displayed on a shelf in my reading center so when we read books or start a transition the kids can either choose to read a book or look at their portfolio.


On the inside of the portfolio I try and put pieces of work that are meaningful; a cutting sample, name practices, self-portraits, etc. Their contributions from the calendar also go in here. At the beginning of the year some of the kids needed extra help with their name. Since they liked their portfolios so much i put a name activity in the front to help them practice. They could write their name in the blank space with an expo marker then put their name in order on the bottom of the page. (There is a picture below of this page.) Everything gets dated and I try to put it in the portfolio in chronological order. Also, when I take any documentation down off the walls that has pictures I have taken of them I put those in there as well with a description of the activity we were working on, any specific mention of them in the documentation, and the product of their work (if it fits in the page protector). Some examples are below:


On the top of my shelf I have our Classroom History Portfolio. That is, obviously, for the entire classroom. The whole group documentation that I do goes in there when I take it down off the wall. The kids really enjoy looking at this one. It really down become a history of our entire classroom.


If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment below! I would LOVE to hear from you!

❤ Ali


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