Open House Family Night!

Last week was so hectic! Thursday was our open house night for the 4 year old classes and I was busy finishing projects with the kids and working on gathering everything we needed for the night. The kids were also busy cleaning up the classroom. I gave each of them a wipe and let them go all around the classroom and clean! They LOVED it. They cleaned Meatball’s (our hamster) cage, the chalkboard, the doors, door handles, walls, tables, chair, shelves, the stage, EVERYTHING!

Open house was from 6:00-7:30. We started at 6 in the classrooms where families could look at the documentation posted around the room and in the hallway. The kids showed their parents around the room and explained how we did calendar, how centers worked, and enjoyed refreshments. Siblings came as well and loved exploring a brand new classroom. I made sure to have updated documentation posted around the room and in the hallways. I also updated everyone’s portfolio.

At 6:30 everyone went to the Fellowship hall (kind of like a cafeteria) I has a projector showing videos we had taken earlier in the year of various project and moments in the classroom. The kids and parents loved it. After we gathered everyone to the tables I introduced Mrs. Mary and she shared a story with everyone to introduce the project they were about to do! The story was Not A Box by Antoinette Portis, which is about a bunny  who has a box but it’s “NOT A BOX” it’s other things like a burning building or a rocket.

I wish we had an ELMO or some way to make the pages bigger so everyone could see the book better. But, everyone pretty much got the point. Then, I explianed what was going to happen next. They could work with either jus their family or as a table with more than one family. I had glue, brads, markers, crayons, tape, scissors, and paper at each table and the boxes, lids, yarn, pipe cleaners and staplers at the front of the room. Also, hot glue guns set up on a table for ONLY ADULTS to use.

They we stepped back and observed everything that happened (and took pictures, of course). It was just amazing. So many parents let their child take the lead by deciding what they were going to make, choosing the materials to use, cutting things out, etc. They made rockets, houses, cars, bird houses, a refrigerator, a table with food on it, a robot costume, dinosaurs and so much more!


I had a handout for the parents to take with them when they left and if they didn’t I just put a copy in thier cubby for the next day. Here is what it looked like.



A couple days later I also sent home a survey for parents who came to fill out about how to improve.


And that was about it! It was sucha great time and everyone enjoyed it! We had nothing but positive commments! 🙂 If you’d like to know anything else about it please don’t hesitate to send me a message or comment! Thanks and enjoy!

❤ Ali



*Internally Screaming*

angry peter pan wendy darling internally screaming

Me this week! Not that my class has been horrible or anything, we just have a lot going on and are planning numerous things. We are supposed to have parent teacher conferences again at the end of the month-but we just had them in OCTOBER! So I came up with the idea for having an open house in February instead. Now we have only ever had one open house at our school before since I have been here and that was last summer. (We had an art show and it went sooooo well!!) I went to my *AMAZING* director and she loved the idea! I’ve been beside myself trying to come up with a fun and enticing idea to get the parents to actually show up and stay for longer than 10 minutes and get them involved. I came across a blog post from Let The Wild Rumpus Start and I instantly fell in love with the idea. So now I am in the planning stages of our Open House. I am so excited to begin!!

Also we are already begging preparations for our 4’s Graduation in May. With a brand new director and music teacher I’m sure it will be a big hit! We’ve always had a different theme for our graduations. Last year it was a kings and queens theme. THAT was fun. Each class designed their own family crest and each child got to create their own castle. The crest and castle went on display the night of graduation. Being a church led preschool we hold graduation in the chapel. We decorated the entrance way to look like a castle, complete with chandelier and drawbridge.

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We’ve also done an under the sea theme and a cowboy/western theme.

This year we are changing it up again to be more of a Wishing Upon a star theme. I’ve already started filling up my Pinterest board with ideas!

Well this is all for now. The kiddos are about to start waking up from nap!
Until next time! 🙂