Transitions! Part 2: Before and After

I was going through my pictures on my camera and my phone looking for ones to share on here, and I came across BEFORE pictures of my classroom when I moved into it during the summer! So, I thought I would do a Part 2 to my Transitions! post from last week and do a little “Before and After”!

I “inherited” my classroom from an amazing teacher who had been in that room for many years. She retired and I got to move down the hallway, so I would be closer to the other two 4s classes.

 I rearrange my classroom a lot! Just last week I changed around my art center, and my blocks and housekeeping area. The week before that I switched up my reading center, science area and rearranged my circle area. And right now, I’m thinking I need to switch a couple other things too. I’m writing this on Sunday and I plan on taking after pictures Monday morning and posting this Monday afternoon. I’ll have to let you know if I change anything else after that! (I probably will.)

…..AND I did! The “”AFTER” pictures are what my room looks like now. Excuse the mess in some areas 🙂

Art Center
Was Housekeeping but turned it into a bigger blocks area with a STAGE(a regular shelf turned on its front)
Circle Time! It looks basically the same as the before picture now (just a different carpet and calendar) i forgot to take a picture of after (oops)
Was a math/puzzle area now it is Housekeeping
Legos/math and puzzles now (& Meatball-our hamster!)
Reading corner
Was blocks now it’s science. I’m going to add some documentation to the wall so it’s not so bare.
Now that door is not blocked and writing is next to the chalkboard.

I’m not sure why I like to rearrange my room so much. I just see that something doesn’t work well or the kids need more room to move around and I start thinking of a different way to put things. There are some restrictions, like I’m not able to move my blocks shelf (it’s WAY too heavy and the wall behind it is not all that pretty) so it’s pretty much going to be there forever or until I really NEED it to be moved. The kids seem to like coming into the room when I’ve changed things. I always like to see how long it takes them to notice that something is different. Usually, it’s not long! Ha ha!

Anyways, I hope this helps inspire some of you, or at least gives you something to go off of while you are transitioning!